Manuscript > Arba‘ūn ḥadīthan

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Title: Arba‘ūn ḥadīthan
Full Title: Arba‘ūn ḥadīthan
Author: Muḥy al-Dīn Abī Zakariyā Yaḥyā Ibn Sharf al-Nawawī al-Dimishqī
Place, Date of Birth: none, 1233
Place, Date of Dead: none, 1277
Place of Activity: none
Language: Arabic
Script: Arabic
Subject Matter: Ḥadīth Text
Genre: Prose
Notes: This kitab contains selected authentic 40 hadiths. The Arbain of Nawawi has been widely studied and memorized in many Indonesian pesantrens. The fact that there are many translations or commentaries in local languages shows its significance in Indonesia. Some that can be mentioned here are Hadis Empat Puluh of Asbiran Ya’qub in Indonesian, Terjemah al-Arbain al-Nawawiyah of Ahmad Makki Sukabumi in Sundanese, and its Madurese version of ‘Aydarus Hasan al-Khiri.