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Title: Alfīyah ibn Mālik
Full Title: Alfīyah ibn Mālik
Author: Muḥammad Ibn ‘Abd Allāh Ibn Malik
Place, Date of Dead: None, 672 H
Language: Arabic
Script: Arabic
Subject Matter: Arabic Grammar
Genre: Poetry
Notes: This kitab, better known as Alfiyah, thousands, contains a thousand poems on Arabic grammar divided into eighty chapters. It has been widely used and regarded as an advanced source for studying Arabic grammar. Students commonly start studying it after having passed their intermediate Arabic class. Some works on translation to this kitab are made. ‘Umar Faruq, a Madurese ulama from Bangkalan, worked on its translation in Madurese, while Bisri Mustofa provided its translation in Javanese entitled Awsat al-Masalik li-Alfiyat Ibn Malik. Aside from that, Ahmad Makki from Sukabumi also wrote a work on the translation of this kitab in Sundanese, which is entitled Pepertelaan I’rabna Alfiyat Ibn Malik.