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Title: Mutammimah
Full Title: Mutammimah li masa'il al-ājurūmīyah
Author: Shams al-Dīn Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad al-Ru'yanī
Place, Date of Birth: None, 902 H/ 1496 M
Place, Date of Dead: None, 905 H/ 1547 M
Language: Arabic
Script: Arabic
Subject Matter: Arabic Grammar
Genre: Prose
Notes: This kitab contains the explanation of Arabic grammar and has been widely used for intermediate level students. The students are required to master a lower intermediate kitab in advance, for example, al-Durar al-Bahīyah, better known as ʿImritī, of Sharaf ibn Yaḥyá al-Anṣārī al-ʿImritī. The study of the Mutammimah will open the road for studying Arabic grammar in advanced level.