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Title: al-Ajurūmīyah
Full Title: al-Ajurūmīyah fī ‘ilm al-‘arabīyah
Author: Abū ʿAbd Allāh Muḥammad bin Muḥammad bin Dāwud al-Ṣanhājī
Place, Date of Birth: None, 672 H
Place, Date of Dead: None, 723 H
Language: Arabic
Script: Arabic
Subject Matter: Arabic Grammar
Genre: Prose
Notes: This thin kitab, better known as Ājurūmīyah, is treated as one of basic source for studying Arabic grammar. Students are usually not allowed to continue studying Arabic before mastering and, especially, memorizing it. It has been widely used throughout Southeast Asian which shows its popularity in the region. Moreover, some ulamas worked on the translations of this to meet the need of understanding it in local languages, some of them being Ahmad Subki Mashhadi Pekalongan, Muhammad Zayn al-Din Rahmat Lasem, and Ahmad Salih Jepara who translated it into Javanese. This kitab is also available with its Indonesian translation which is prepared by Ahmad Makki ibn Abd Allah Mahfuz from Sukabumi.