Manuscript > Fatḥ al-qarīb al-mujīb

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Title: Fatḥ al-qarīb al-mujīb
Full Title: Fatḥ al-qarīb al-mujīb fī sharḥ al-taqrīb
Author: Shams al-Dīn Muḥammad Ibn Qāsim al-Ghazī
Language: Arabic
Script: Arabic
Subject Matter: Islamic Jurisprudence
Genre: Prose
Notes: This kitab has been widely circulated and used by Muslim communities in Indonesia. It is treated as a main source on the implementation of Islamic teaching, especially of its fiqh aspect. This work is one of the most important works made as commentaries to Matn al-Ghayah wa-al-Taqrib, better known as Taqrib, of Abī Shujāʿ Aḥmad ibn al-Ḥusayn al-Aṣfahānī. Its popularity is also seen from the availability of its versions in local languages, some of them being the works of Abdul Majid Tamim in Madurese and of Solehuddin from Sukabumi in Sundanese.