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Title: Malja' al-ṭālibīn
Full Title: Malja' al-ṭālibīn fī tafsīr kalām rabb al-'ālamīn
Author: Aḥmad Sanūsī
Place, Date of Birth: Cibadak, Sukabumi, 1306 H / 1888 M
Place, Date of Dead: Sukabumi, 1950 M
Place of Activity: West Java
Language: Sundanese
Script: Pegon
Subject Matter: Quranic Exegesis
Genre: Prose
Date of Autograph (century): 20
Found in : Manshur, 1992.
Notes: This is the first work, out of three works on Qur’anic commentary, written by Ahmad Sanusi. This work is incomplete which only contains the interpretation of nine chapters of the Qur’an in 28 thin volumes. Maljâ’ al-Thâlibîn was itself written when Ahmad Sanusi stayed in jail in Gang Kampung Bali Kecil Nomer 6 Tanah Abang, Weltevreden, Jakarta. Like his other Qur’anic commentary, Rawdhat al-‘Irfân, Maljâ’ al-Thâlibîn is Qur’anic commentary in Sundanese, written in Arabic script. The difference is that Rawdhat al-‘Irfân contains main text (matn) and its commentary (sharh) while Maljâ’ al-Thâlibîn only contains the main text. It is predicted that some parts of Ahmad Sanusi’s commentary in Maljâ’ al-Thâlibîn are repeatedly mentioned in Rawdhat al-‘Irfân.