Manuscript > Ādāb al-munāẓarah

Detail Information

Title: Ādāb al-munāẓarah
Full Title: Ādāb al-munāẓarah
Author: anonymous
Place, Date of Birth: none, none
Place, Date of Dead: none, none
Place of Activity: none
Language: Arabic
Script: Arabic
Subject Matter: Philosophy ang Logic
Genre: Prose
Found in : Qodir, 2004.

There are some similar texts with various titles could be found in the Turkish National Library. Among them are Risālah fī ādāb al-munāzarah by Ḥusayn Shāh Ḥalabī, Risālah fī ādāb al-baḥth by Aḥmad al-Ḥayatī, Risālat al-ādāb wa-al-munāẓarah by Aḥmad Shawqī ibn ʻAbd Allāh (see Cunbur 1988 II: 254-257). One of the commentaries of this text was made by A Turkish scholar, Takopri zade Kamal al-Din ibn Mustafa (d. 1560) see Parmaksizoglu 1981 I: 6, and 1984 II: 13.