Manuscript > Hikayat Malem Diwa

Detail Information

Title: Hikayat Malem Diwa
Full Title: Hikayat Malem Diwa
Author: anonymous
Place, Date of Birth: None, None
Place, Date of Dead: None, None
Place of Activity: None
Language: Acehnese
Script: Jawi
Subject Matter: Tale and Folklor
Genre: Prose

This is the romance story of Malem Diwa, the son of Tampok King with princess Sihbawa of Piadah-Pasai village. He is a traveler from northern and eastern Aceh , but failed to marry his teacher's daughter since he was older. Then, he should treat her as a big sister and keep a good relation. Yet, Malem Diwa married Putri Bungsu of kayangan, Putri Aloih of Natal, and Putri Meureundam Dewi of Lhok Seunibong.