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Title: Anis al-muttaqīn
Full Title: Anis al-muttaqīn
Author: ‘Abd al-Ṣamad ibn Faqīh Ḥusayn
Place, Date of Birth: None, None
Place, Date of Dead: None, None
Place of Activity: None
Language: Arabic
Script: Arabic
Subject Matter: Ethics
Genre: Prose
Date of Autograph (century): 18
Notes: This kitab describes aspects on Sufism and ethics in five sections. The first section deals with the explanation of ghaflah and tafakkur (fi bayan al-ghaflah wa-al-tafakkur) stating that neglectful (ghaflah) is as great sin which is closed to apostasy. Then, the writer goes to tell the story of the conversation between the Prophet Sulaiman and a bird that never be neglectful during its lifetime. The second tells about the relation between being knowledgeable and ignorance (fi bayan al-‘ilm wa-al-juhl). The third explores the relation between intelligence and the truth (fi bayan al-‘aqli wa-al-haqq) while the fourth discuss the relation of poor and rich people. Last chapter contains the explanation of tawakkul related to al-harsh (fi bayan al-tawakkul wa-al-harsh). Its copies are reportedly found in some collections spread over Indonesia which in a level of certainty shows its popularity and had been widely circulated throughout the region. According to Voorhoeve (1986: 92), this kitab cannot be however associated with Indonesian authors albeit there is a word “al-Palimbani” added in the author name as seen in its lithographed publication.