Manuscript > Irshād al-ikhwān

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Title: Irshād al-ikhwān
Full Title: Irshād al-ikhwān
Author: Iḥsān ibn Muḥammad Daḥlān Jampes
Place, Date of Birth: East Java, 1901
Place, Date of Dead: East Java, 1952
Place of Activity: Kediri, East Java
Language: Arabic
Script: Arabic
Subject Matter: Islamic Jurisprudence
Genre: Prose
Date of Autograph (century): 20
Found in : Barizi 2004; Murtadho Hadi 2008

This text deals with the shari'ah perspective on drinking coffee and smoking. A similar text in Turkish, deals with questions and answers on the coffee, can be found in the Ali Nihat Tarlan Collection of the Suleymaniye Library (Parmaksizoglu 1981 I: 3, Shelfmark 34 Su-Tarlan 181/2). This text is Risālah As'ilah wa-ajwibah fī ḥaqq al-qahwah by Emir Efendi, Ishtibli Wa'iz.