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Detail Information

Title: Shaṭṭārīyah
Author: Kyai Haji Muhyidin
Place, Date of Birth: Pamijahan, Tasikmalaya, None
Place, Date of Dead: Pamijahan, Tasikmalaya, None
Place of Activity: West Java
Language: Sundanese
Script: Pegon
Subject Matter: Sufism
Genre: Prose
Date of Autograph (century): 19
Found in : Christomy 2008

This text deals with the teachings of Sufism, especially that of Shaṭṭārīyah Sufi Order, the Unity of Being (Waḥdat al-Wujūd), and the Seven Grades (Martabat Tujuh).

According to the Villagers in Pamijahan, the author is a grandson of Shaykh Abdul Muhyi, one of the leading Shaṭṭārīyah Ulemas in West Java during the seventeenth century, and this work is originated from the Sufi teachings of Shaykh Abdul Muhyi himself.