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Title: ‘Aqīdat al-‘awwām
Full Title: ‘Aqīdat al-‘awwām min wājib fī al-dīn bi-al-tamām
Author: Marzuki
Language: Acehnese
Script: Jawi
Subject Matter: Theology
Genre: Prose
Date of Autograph (century): 19
Notes: This kitab contains the explanation of theology, especially of the attributes of God. In Indonesia, this kitab has great influence on theological understanding among Indonesian Muslims communities. Many commentaries as well as translations to this work are made in local languages. In Javanese, some of them are the works of Muhammad ‘Uthman Nadi al-Ishaqi, Ahmad Farih Masyhadi al-Ribyani, Zakhwan Anwar and Ibn Nawawi Sadir Abbas Pajarakan Probolinggo. Aside from that, there are another two works for the similar purpose, i.e.Ghurrat al-anam of Uthman Nadi al-Ishaqi Sayf al-Din Midkhal Sidoarjo and Rawihat al-aqwam kangge ngertosi isi nazam ‘Aqidat al-Awam of Bisri Mustofa Rembang. The works on the translation of ‘Aqidat al-Awwam are also available in Madurese and Sundanese prepared by Baghdad al-Maliki al-Shafi’i and Ahmad Makki from Sukabumi, respectively.