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Title: Ḥāshiyat al-ṣāwī
Full Title: Ḥāshiyat al-ṣāwī ‘alá al-Jalālayn
Author: Aḥmad al-Ṣāwī al-Mālikī
Place, Date of Birth: Egypt, 1175 H / 1761 M
Place, Date of Dead: Medina, 1241 H / 1825 M
Place of Activity: Medina
Language: Arabic
Script: Arabic
Subject Matter: Quranic Exegesis
Genre: Prose
Date of Autograph (century): 19
Notes: This work is a commentary (sharḥ) to the Jalālayn of Jalāl al-Dīn al-Maḥallī and Jalāl al-Dīn al-Suyutī. It was written around 1225-1228 H. This work is considered a summary of his teacher’s work, al-Futūḥāt al-Ilāhīyah of al-Shaykh Sulaymān. In his work, firstly, al-Ṣāwī explains the opinions of the Jalālayn writers. He explains, discusses, and compares the Jalālayn with the works of al-Bayḍāwī, al-Khāzin, al-Khaṭīb and other works on Qur’anic commentary. He also makes an analysis and presents his opinions based on the prophet traditions and the opinions of companions and tabi’in.